(Hollywood, CA) – The score to NBC’s critically acclaimed drama "Boomtown" is as eclectic as the characters portrayed in the series. Film and TV composer, Philip Giffin, gives a unique musical voice to convey the storyline from each of the main characters’ point of view. "Boomtown’s" main title music evokes the proud history and thrill of a big sky Western, superimposed on the intensity of today’s urban heartbeat. Giffin blends these two images while hinting at the show’s City of Angels location by his graceful use of angelic vocal lines. The underscore ranges from solo piano to electronic techno grooves, from full orchestra to jazz, rock and gospel. "The score has diversity to complement the perspective of many characters witnessing the same event," explained Giffin.

According to "Boomtown’s" creator/executive producer Graham Yost, "I know Phil Giffin and loved his music for years, and I have always wanted to work with him. So, obviously he was my first choice for ‘Boomtown.’ I was looking for a musical sound that was quintessentially Americana and Copeland-esque, but also had a Western feel, and could reflect the ‘boomtown’ that is Los Angeles. I wanted the music to have this grandeur. Phil becomes passionately and personally involved with every episode, and we love having him on the ‘Boomtown’ team."
To achieve the sounds of "Boomtown," Giffin creates a broad sonic palate by blending his own performances on keyboards, bass and guitar with the talents of LA’s finest studio musicians. "I’ve worked with all of these musicians in the past on both scores and albums I’ve produced. These are the best studio musicians in Los Angeles and probably in the world," noted the composer.

"Boomtown" is described as "Roshomon" meets "Pulp Fiction." From executive producer/writer Graham Yost ("Speed," "Band of Brothers") and executive producer/director Jon Avnet ("Fried Green Tomatoes," "Uprising") comes this stylish ensemble drama that conveys the plot in a non-linear story telling fashion. The chronology of events is presented out of sequence and as seen from the diverse perspectives of the unsung and imperfect heroes. These are the cops, paramedics, reporters, D.A.’s and city officials whose stories overlap and intertwine, consistently wrapping up with a powerful and unique twist, creating the "Boomtown" experience.
A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Philip Giffin has scored and contributed music to numerous features and television programs including "Like Mike," "Fatal Instinct," "Beethoven’s 4th," "Muppets Tonight" and more. As an orchestrator his credits include "Sommersby," "Die Hard" and "Lethal Weapon."

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